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You get to know the whole process in detail to increase the portability and comfort and it can also decrease the long treatment time. We are treating full spectrum of gait and musculoskeletal conditions which are caused by any injury or illness by the birth time. But you no need to worry as we are here to listen to your problems and constantly on them to cure them all. As we have a wide spread range of new and personalized way to help you achieve best at your health goals. To make you live long and better customized bracing and support solution is designed.


For hip replacement caused by injuries or other problems like injury, surgery like prosthetic hip replacement we stabilize and align the hip by addressing congenital hip deformities.


Cervical, thoracic including jaw to the lower back areas of the body but no worries we are here support and stabilize that.

Upper limb

We stabilize all types of injuries or surgery and immobilize the shoulder, arms, elbows, writs, and all other small or big injuries.

Chest & head

We treat all type of head injuries which mainly affect the chest and head we treat here carefully and try to prevent the loss to the minimum.

Upper Extremity Orthoses

Orthotics devices are designed to improve the function and structure of the upper extremity joints (shoulder, elbow, wrist, hand). These devices can be utilized in pediatric and adult orthotic care.

Contracture Management

Upper limb orthoses which provide support or immobilization to the joints of the upper extremity. Patient with conditions such as carpal tunnel, contracture management and post-surgical recovery.

Fracture Bracing

Orthoses which provide support and immobilization to the joints of the upper extremity. These devices are often utilized in upper extremity fractures to facilitate bone healing and stabilize the joint throughout the healing process.

Post-Op Bracing

Orthotic solutions to treat conditions such as osteoarthritis, muscular weakness, ligament injury or joint instabilities in the upper extremity; often utilized in post-operative and rehabilitation settings.

Lower Extremity Orthoses

Lower extremity orthoses are designed to support an existing joint, replacing the function of the patient’s musculature, ligaments, or bony structure.

Neuro-rehab Solutions

**TENS – walk-aide, microprocessor bracing (C-bracing)

Off-loading Solutions

Custom fabricated and off the shelf solutions for the lower extremity to provide off-loading essential in wound care.

Foot & Ankle Orthoses

Orthotic solutions for the lower extremity to either support the structure of the foot and ankle or prevent further deformity. Essential in conditions such as PTTD, Charcot, foot drop, fusions and other instabilities.

Knee Solutions

Personalized knee orthoses to treat conditions such as osteoarthritis, quadriceps weakness, ligament injury or joint instabilities.

Hip Solutions

Orthotic solutions for patients having hip fractures, dislocations and in post-surgical applications.

Cranial orthosis

A cranial orthosis is generally used for achieving corrective or protective goals for the head and face.

Cranial Remolding Helmet

The Cranial Molding Helmet treats deformational plagiocephaly, brachycephaly, or scaphocephaly in children ages 4 to 12 months. All of our Cranial Molding Helmets are custom-fabricated.

Protective Helmet

Protective helmets are utilized to protect the cranium in conditions such as post-surgical states, self-harming conditions, and frequent fall risk (ie. seizures).

Spinal Orthoses

A spinal orthosis is a back brace that is designed to hold your spine in place. Some spinal orthoses are used for both adults and children

Scoliosis Orthoses

Custom fabricated back brace designed to reduce the unwanted curvature of the spine known as scoliosis. The devices are highly custom and require frequent adjustments and follow-up care.

Cervical Orthoses

Orthotic devices which stabilize the cervical and sometimes thoracic portions of the spine. The devices can be custom fabricated or off-the-shelf depending on the severity.

Lumbar Sacral Orthoses (LSO)

This type of back brace supports the lumbar and sacral portions of the spine. Often utilized in post-operative, trauma and spinal patholgies such as stenosis, spondylolythesis and radiculopathy.

Thoracic Lumbar Sacral Orthoses (TLSO)

This type of back brace supports the thoracic, lumbar and sacral sections of the spine. Utilized in post-operative support, motion restriction, pain relief and spinal off-loading while healing.